Wednesday, February 12

Sequence Shot by Greg Tocchini now available on ITunes and the IBookstore

- Special edition! You get SEQUENCE SHOT plus sketches, pin ups and an exclusive never-before-seen original ending - US$ 2,99: 
- Same as print edition, just US$ 1,99 :

Sequence Shot SPECIAL EDITION no ar!

Agora o Sequence Shot e Sequence Shot Special Edition, com extras, estão à venda no ITunes e na IBookstore. Leia no iPad, no iBooks ou no seu iPhone.

- Versão SPECIAL EDITION, com sketches e final original nunca publicado - US$ 2,99: 
- Versão same as print, idêntica a edição impressa - US$ 1,99 :

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morye said...

Looks amazing!
Is there a way to puy the special edition as a print in english?